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I’ve have been so excited for Steve and Stephanie’s wedding day at Hotel Baker to arrive! They are such a fun couple, and they were excited to celebrate their wedding with family and friends who came from across the globe for the event. Stephanie had family come from Chile for the wedding, they win the prize for distance traveled!

The gardens at Hotel Baker are just lovely, and they made a great backdrop for wedding party photos. Stephanie and Steve also love the vibe of downtown St Charles, so we wandered around a bit, capturing the architecture and river. Such a fun wedding party!

Their ceremony was held overlooking the Fox river, and there were tears. Followed by more tears during the toasts at the reception. So many loving words were shared and it was so sweet to see the loved shared between these two and their friends and family.

Everyone danced the night away on the unique, lighted dance floor. The Steve and Stephanie were picked up during dancing and carried over to the bar for shots. It was the best! These two…I told you, they are a fun couple!!

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