Megan and Joe | Chicago Engagement Session

baoting engagement session
When I first met with Joe and Megan about wedding photography, they mentioned that they really would like to have part of their engagement session done out on lake Michigan on their boat. One of their favorite things to do in the Summer is spending time out on the water in Chicago. I have been looking forward to their engagement session for weeks! Maybe forever, because an engagement session on a boat out on Lake Michigan has been on my list for years! You couldn’t ask for a better view of Chicago! Never mind that some of my horizons in the photos are crooked because the boat is going one way, I am going another way and the skyline is not moving with us! haha!

Another huge part of Megan and Joe’s life is their adorable puppy, Larry. Oh my goodness! What a furry ball of cuteness! I couldn’t get over how well he did on the boat and how he just seemed to chill and go with our craziness on the boat. He was so photogenic too, I couldn’t help taking just as many pictures of him as I took of Megan and Joe ;)

So excited to share this Chicago engagement session on my blog, and even more excited for their wedding next Summer!


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