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Last week I had lunch with a dear friend, Emilia. During the course of our lunch conversation at the Soho house, we were talking about what we pick up our cameras for other than work. I had to think about the last time I picked up my camera for the fun of it. Sure, my camera is in hand quite a bit, I am truly thankful to be a busy photographer. But really, my fun, casual images come from my iphone. As Emilia talked about food styling classes and floral arranging classes she has on her calendar, I started thinking about something that I wanted to photograph just for the joy of it.

The idea of going behind the scenes at Petal Play Design during Valentine’s prep came to me late one night last week, and I had to force myself to wait until at least 9am the next morning to text Viviana and present my big idea. I am sure she thought I was crazy for asking! Enter a florists domain just days before one of their biggest days of the year?! I knew it was a wild idea, but I had to ask. Viviana graciously accepted my crazy idea and we set a day and time for me to come witness an afternoon in her shop.

We all know what a big holiday Valentine’s day is. The love. The hearts. The chocolate. The FLOWERS. I adore flowers. They are exquisite and delicate, colorful and fragrant. They capture sunshine within their petals and they grace many homes with happiness. A bouquet of flowers, to me, is a ray of sunshine in a vase.

I wanted to step inside Petal Play in quaint downtown Lemont, and give you a glimpse of how busy a florist is right before the biggest flower day of the year. Upon entering the doors of Viviana’s shop, I felt like I stepped into heaven. The colorful beauty that surrounded me was enveloping. The fragrance was sweet and refreshing. Every which way I turned their were tables and counters dripping with decadent beauties. Creations that Viviana, and her assistants Sophie and Chloe had created. True artists. And we can’t forget Louise! Her greeting at the door with a wagging tail and curious interest in her visitors.
Viviana truly has an eye for beauty and the unique. Yesterday afternoon the shop was drenched in warming sunshine, teasing us all as it was in the teens outside. Vintage couches and chairs made me want to curl up and soak all of this in.

If you haven’t found flowers for your special someone this weekend, or you want to bring bouquet of happiness to someone you love, I highly recommend that you stop in at Petal Play! You will be amazed at the artistry and gorgeous blooms to be found.

Happy day of LOVE!

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