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Last Spring, I met with the owners (Chris and Dave) of Emerson Creek Pottery and Tearoom. What initially started out as a “get to know you, would love to photograph weddings at Emerson” turned into a full Summer of working on staff with Emerson Creek, working with their creative team and meeting brides and grooms that walked through Emerson. I am excited for the weddings that I will be photographing there in 2015!

At the beginning of the Summer, I heard quite a bit about a cookbook that Chris had been wanting to compile. It was a project that had been talked about for years, but they hadn’t been able to put it together. Being a food lover myself and loving to cook, I kind of sort of volunteered to get the ball rolling on the project. Little did I know that it would be several months of crazy busy shooting, layout, design, type setting, editing etc… There is a lot of work that goes into a cookbook!

Emerson has a very talented stylist on staff, Joanna. She and I came up with a master plan for the cookbook, creating the layout and putting plans in motion for a shoot schedule for each of the recipes. Just writing that out sounds far more organized than it actually was! Haha!
I collaborated with the Tearoom cooks on how they wanted their recipes featured and since they were very busy last Summer, I cooked up most of the recipes that were to be photographed. Let’s just say it was a delicious Summer!

It seemed like a huge project to start with, but over the Summer, ever so steady and slowly, we styled the food and photographed each recipe. For some recipes we had the concept of photographing the ingredients for the recipe and then the ingredient list would be hand written over the image. For the rest of the recipes, I photographed the final recipe (hello yum!). I also envisioned photographing the property from all angles, so that the reader of the cookbooks would get a feel for Emerson Creek and the laid back style of the property.

The project as a whole was exciting and inspiring. I loved collaborating creatively and having a project that challenged me.

These pictures are from the project and don’t miss the video at the end! My first ever attempt at shooting a video!!

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