Welcome to Chicago | Chicago Wedding Photography

2013 was a big year for my husband Jamie and I. We sold our cozy little house, in the beautiful town of Cary North Carolina, and moved to the Chicago Suburbs. Little did we know that we moved here just in time for the worst winter that Chicago has seen in YEARS. I am from this area, and I don’t ever remember a winter this cold or with this much snow. It has been quite the welcome back!

I am so thankful for the 5 years that I was able to live in North Carolina. When I first started dating Jamie, I remember flying into Raleigh and looking out over the beautiful scenery as I landed, and thinking to myself “I am going to love living here for the rest of my life”. I never ever thought that after 5, short years, we would make the decision to move to Chicago. Over the past six months, I have had a serious sweet tea withdrawal, and a warm(er) weather withdrawal. Seriously, winters in the South were AMAZING! I kid you not.

I am also thankful for the wonderful couples and families that I have had the privilege of meeting and photographing in North Carolina. I worked hard to build my business in the Raleigh area, and it was so rewarding to photograph fabulous couples and discover the many amazing wedding venues that Raleigh has to offer, equally amazing was the precious newborns that I photographed. Those of you that have followed my work for years know that I can’t get enough of weddings and babies :)

Joy Lyn Photography has officially launched in the Chicago Suburbs! I have been meeting with wedding venues all over Chicago land, some of which I have previously photographed weddings at, and working hard to get things up and running in this area. I am seeing some exciting things start to happen! I can’t wait to start shooting in this area again, and I look forward to all of the wonderful couples I will be meeting in the coming years.

Does anyone think Spring will come to Chicago? I sure hope so!

This image is from one of my favorite weddings that I photographed downtown Chicago…way back in 2008! We wandered all over the city with the bridal party, and had the perfect Spring day for photos. Seems like forever ago! Looking forward to shooting in this great city again.


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