Kelly and Eric | Downtown Raleigh Wedding

After all the rain that we have had dumped on us this Summer, the day of Eric and Kelly’s wedding dawned with blue skies and puffy clouds dancing across the sky. As the day went by, we had a few dark clouds roll in, carrying raindrops. But only a few! Kelly and Eric actually did a rain dance, as we all know, a little rain is supposed to be lucky on your wedding day. I kept saying, “stop doing that rain dance! It’s going to pour on us!!!”. Thankfully, a few drops fell and moved on their way.
Eric and Kelly have such a love for each other, and happiness just overflows them. They were so excited to do a first look, and both breathed sighs of relief once it was over, and you could tell that they were so happy being able to spend their day together. That is the exact reason I love first looks, it alleviates a lot of the stress for the day, and enables couples to enjoy the day together.
Their ceremony was held at the All Saints Chapel in Raleigh. This was my first wedding at the chapel, and I love it! Such a beautiful old building, with great character. I kept finding endless nooks and crannies that I wanted to photograph things in… One of my favorite shots of the day is the bridal party shot that we decided to take inside the chapel, but not your typical church bridal party portrait. It was casual, relaxed and fun, which is how I would describe Kelly and Eric. Bonus – their bridal party was SO much fun! Gosh, we had a blast all day. What a fun group of friends they have.
We were off to the Capitol grounds for family pictures, and relaxed pictures of Kelly and Eric. Thankfully, the grounds were deserted and we had the place to ourselves. I love how casual downtown Raleigh is, everything is within walking distance and to be able to shoot on the Capitol steps made for a great backdrop.
The reception was held at The Stockroom at 230 on Fayetteville Street. One of my favorite venue spaces! The perfect size for a good group of family and friends to dance and enjoy the night away. Catering works provided delicious food and drinks for the evening, and the cupcakes from Gigi’s were decadent, as always.
High on my list of “loves” for receptions is when the bride and groom dance the night away together…which is exactly what Kelly and Eric did. They danced to almost every song, and the dance floor was packed all night long. I loved watching all of the moves, and picked up a few new moves myself…you know, for the next time I go dancing ;)
Around 9:30 Kelly, Eric and I slipped outside for night shots on Fayetteville. Because it was so busy with traffic (hello gorgeous Summer evening downtown Raleigh!) I ditched my lights and decided to crank up my ISO. I looooooove that I can shoot at 4000 ISO and get such amazing results (geek moment here!). I kept asking them to dash in and out of the crosswalk, waiting for traffic. Love that they were up for anything!

Ok…now, to many many images that I couldn’t resist sharing…I narrowed it down, really, I did! Congratulations Kelly and Eric!!! I am so very happy for you and wish you all of life’s best!

Joy | Raleigh Wedding Photography

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