Raleigh Wedding Photography | Sarah’s Bridal Session

Today was Sarah and David’s big day! Hence the reason that I am just now posting her bridal session. I took these a few weeks ago, and have been dying to share them! We had the most gorgeous day in March for her bridal portraits, I still cannot get used to beautiful weather in March. Whenever I think of March, I think of dreary, endless weeks waiting for the sun to appear. Not in North Carolina! We have had the most beautiful Spring.

Sarah is one of those people that just radiates joy. You feel like you have been friends forever after talking for just a short while. David is the same way. When I met them for the first time, I felt like we could chat for hours…and we did! Sarah was so sweet for her bridal pictures, she was game for trekking all over E. Carroll Joyner Park in Wake Forest. I made her wade through fields of tall grass, hike up hills and endure “just one more picture” countless times from me! My camera LOVES her!!

Wedding pictures coming shortly!


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